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The Vaavud Sleipnir is designed to capture wind speed and direction using two curved blades. Meanwhile, The internal optic sensor records 44,100 measurements per second allowing for extreme accuracy.

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The Vaavud Mjolnir is designed to capture wind speed using two rotating cups along with internal magnets to seamlessly communicate with your device. Its unique design makes it pocket friendly and super rugged.

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Device comparison

2-20 m/s wind speed with 4% precision
2-40 m/s wind speed with 4% precision
No wind direction
Wind direction with + - 4% precision
0,1 m/s of resolution
0,1 m/s of resolution
Magnets (no electronics)
Built in electronic sensor
Super Rugged
20x112x59 mm
22x45x83 mm
17 grams
14 grams

App features

Easy capture of measurements

Accurately capture wind measurements right at your location with just a push of a button.

Receive instant data summaries

Get an extensive and reliable overview of the weather conditions of your latest capture.

Monitor the community's measurements

Observe other users' measurements captured within the last 24 hours giving you an insight into the current weather conditions.

Review your previous measurements

Automatically log all your measurements and access them in your personal data log.