Why is the wind direction incorrect?

Ultrasonic: Please use the calibration in settings.

Handhelds: Please calibrate the compass in your phone using google maps.

General: If you still experience the issues please contact us at

Problems with Sleipnir on iOS devices?

August 24th 2015: We have located a bug in 1.6.2, 1.7.0 and 1.7.1 that causes the Sleipnir wind meter to report 0.0 (speed) on some iPhone 5 devices. We have submitted a fix to Apple today in order to fix the issue.

**General: **In order for Sleipnir to work, the settings must be as follows:

Please make sure the audio is NOT set as mono:

Microphone must be turned ON for the Vaavud app:

All European users must set the volume to MAX and the volume limitation to OFF:

Mjolnir is not measuring on iOS

Mjolnir communicates with your iOS device through the compass. You need to enable location services for Vaavud in order for the Mjolnir to work:

image description