Will the windmeter work with a bumper/cover/case?

The Ultrasonic works with Bluetooth, and has no issues with cases. The Mjolnir wind meter works with most standard bumpers/covers. If the cover is too thick (more than 3mm, e.g. Lifeproof for iPhone 5) then the wind meter will not sit tight in the jack stick, but it can still transmi signal to the phone.

The **Sleipnir **wind meter is specifically designed to work with a wide range of bumpers up to 8 mm thick/high. If the cover is very thick on the backside, then it is possible on iOS to change the clip orientation in settings to a front-facing mode. We have successfully used Sleipnir together with Lifeproof FRĒfor iPhone 5/5S, but there have been reported issues with the Nuud case. If you are unsuccessful in using a case with Sleipnir, please notify us on social media or hello@vaavud.com.