Wind meters

for smartphones

The Vaavud wind meters turn your phone into a high-tech meteorological tool. For iPhone & Android devices.

Vaavud wind meter in red

Designed for action!

The Vaavud design is inspired by professional cup anemometers, but with two cups instead of three, making it truly pocket friendly The one piece, molded rotor and the low friction Teflon bearing makes the Vaavud wind meter extremely durable.


Works with all iPhones from 4 and onwards, and all iPads from 2 and onwards, running iOS 6 or 7 Works with most major Android phones, including Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4, HTC one and Google Nexus 5. See full compatibility list


The Vaavud App

  • Visualize the wind with the real time graph
  • Choose preferred unit of measure (m/s, Kmh, mph, knots, Bft.)
  • Check the conditions at your favorite spot on the global live map
  • See your measurement history across all your devices
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  • Tested and calibrated in a professional wind tunnel at the Technical University of Denmark
  • Precision is the least of +/- 4% or 0.2 m/s, from 2 to 20* m/s.
  • Omnidirectional – unlike impeller based devices – no loss of precision due to minor changes in wind direction
  • The Vaavud app taps into the other sensors in your phone, to help you avoid incorrect measurements

*Up to 24 m/s for iPhone 5S and up to 48 m/s on some Android phones

Wind Meter in wind tunnel

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